“Il Torriglione”

Crossing the courtyard of the cellar you arrive at the door of the "Il Torriglione" farmhouse, inaugurated in the spring of 2006 by the Gagliasso family.
The undisputed master of the kitchen, Luciana, Mario's wife, and daughter Nicoletta, welcome you.

The restaurant is located inside the old family house, renovated and furnished in a traditional
Langhe design displaying warm colors on the walls and enriched with antique furniture.
The cuisine is, of course, based on traditional philosophy; therefore, it includes the classic Langa
salami, veal with tuna sauce, raw Piedmontese fassona meat beaten with a knife, omelettes and
salads that change seasonally with the different seasonal varieties of vegetables as do the many hot
pies served as a last appetizer. The array of first course dishes include the pure egg yolk tajarin cut
exclusively by hand by homemakers as well as the typical ravioli al plin of Langa and tasty risotto
with Barolo or with seasonal vegetables; among the second courses, the Barolo braised meat is
king, but the delicious Finanziera, game and poultry are certainly equally prominent.
Although Luciana has mastered first courses, Nicoletta will further delight you with refined, rich
traditional dishes such as the bunet, panna cotta, tasty semifreddo and delicious cakes.
Together with the company's wines and the farmhouse dishes, the Gagliasso family tries to offer the
the wonderful Langhe area's best flavors, aromas and colors.
In 2020, the farmhouse was renovated so that today it also offers the possibility of staying in one of
the three rooms added to the first floor with a wonderful view of the Barolo vineyards. 

The farmhouse is open on weekends and reservations are welcomed by calling the following phone number: +39017350180 or +393393926759 


Agritourism “Il Torriglione”


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Borgata Torriglione, 7
12064 La Morra (CN)

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