The winery is located in the ancient medieval village called Torriglione, in La Morra, in the heart of the Barolo production area; expanded in 2009, the current building has five rooms. Each of the rooms is used for a function linked to the wine processing phase in order to make each area
completely independent and functional.

The vineyards extend for about 15 hectares divided into the municipalities of La Morra, Monforte,
Novello and Cherasco.
In La Morra the Barolo Rocche dell'Annunziata and Barolo Torriglione varieties are produced;
while during great vintage years, the Barolo Riserva variety is produced. The grapes of the
vineyards that give rise to Langhe Chardonnay, Barolo Tre Utin, and Barbera d'Alba originate
from the municipalities of La Morra, Monforte and Cherasco.
The grapes from the same municipalities are used in the production of Ciabot Russ, and then
Dolcetto d'Alba, and Barbera d'Alba Superiore with the exception of the Langhe Nebbiolo,
which is produced in the municipality of Novello from the Ciabot Russ vineyard that gave rise to
the concept of selecting the vineyard from which, until a few years ago, the three grapes for the
selection currently destined only for Nebbiolo grapes, originate.
The inception of the winemaking philosophy is in the vineyard where, starting from the pruning
process, everything depends on the quality that will later be obtained in the subsequent harvest.
From the fertilization carried out when necessary with animal origin products, autumn soil aeration,
grass cutting, use of copper and sulfur-based products, everything fully respects nature and the
environment according to the certified integrated and sustainable agriculture protocol, Green

In the cellar, we only try to maintain the quality provided by nature. Therefore, the traditional way
of working prevails. By monitoring the temperature of the steel tanks, spontaneous fermentation is
stimulated, as well as maceration of medium - long-term duration depending on the type of grapes,
and pumping over and pressing down manually.
Aging takes place in large barrels and French barriques for wines that are aged, while stainless steel
tanks are used for young and fresh wines.



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12064 La Morra (CN)

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